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LYRICS: Explicit Lyrics

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Sonic teh bastard hedgehog, on Sega Megadrive
I fuckin’ remember that y’know, that were bare fun
Y’remember fuckin’ Sonic Sonic?
First name Sonic, last name Sonic
Fuckin’ e’ ran around them, them hills dint’ e’
Fuckin’ collecting, fuckin’ onion rings
Cause e’ had this fat bastard at the end called fuckin’ koopa
Ya had to smack em’ one
Throw fuckin’ onion rings at him, beatin’ him up
I remember last level that fuckin’ game
There was a giant arena, with big fuck off bombs n’ that
N’ ya had to chuck him into
As ya threw him in, it fuckin’ exploded in his face
And ya said “So long ******”
And e’ fuckin’ died mate
Class (x5)


Artist: Nicol as Inertia Eyes
Produced: 2022
Artwork / Photography chosen by: Nicol
Layout & Design by: Nicol
Lat / Long: N 51° 30′ 41.5008″, W 0° 6′ 54.8388″