“Seasonal Auditory Experiences”

Demo T&Cs

Demo Terms & Conditions

All demos must be submitted with the following:
> Your name.
> Your artist name.
> What you’re submitting to us.
> A link to your work. Please make sure this is private for us to view. SoundCloud and Audius links ONLY.
> A brief message (if you want to).
> Your email, of course.

> Send us remixes, mashups, short previews, unfinished tracks, and anything with copyrighted material.
> Pester us, asking if we have heard your demo yet.
> Message every label under the sun about your demo, we will know.
> Send us any audio file format attachments.
> Have your demo open to the public.
> Tell us who you’re similar to, or sound like.
> Send multiple demos at once.
> That your demo is a work in progress.
> Send a full blown message. Short and sweet, please.
> Bypass this page, we will know.
> Submit a demo inside the closed window.

Your demo will be rejected if you fail to follow these T&Cs.